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Handcuffs, Criminal Defense Attorney in Longview, Texas
Arrest, Criminal Defense Attorney in Longview, Texas

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Have a dependable criminal defense attorney you can rely on when you’re
in a bind. Steve Kattner Law offers expert legal assistance, especially for misdemeanor and felony cases. Let us give you the help you need to return
your life to normalcy.
Our firm can help you when you need to have your legal ability to drive restored. Have us help you with driver’s license hearings and other legal actions that can help you clear your name and reputation so you can start with a clean slate.
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About Us

Steve Kattner Law in Longview, Texas, is a law firm specializing in misdemeanor and felony cases. Our criminal defense attorney, Steve Kattner, is able and willing to help you with his expertise.

You don’t have to worry — Mr. Kattner relaxes you with his straightforward and calming approach. He gives you straight facts so you can understand your situation better and provides you with solutions and alternatives so you can have the most favorable result.

Our firm does not overcharge, and you can trust us not to take advantage of you. Mr. Kattner’s services are affordable; you only need to pay half the fee as a down payment with the remaining balance paid through a payment plan worked out to your specific needs.